Friday, 5 March 2010

The fat lady is singing

That's a wrap folks. Very good works guys it has been a pleasure working with you all, we should all be very pleased with ourselves in creating such a great looking project.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Final Day

Tomorrow we should focus on minor tweaking of our edit. Then we shall compress and burn the short film to a CD.


Good work all. Team Havoc FTW!


Today we finished applying sound to each of the scenes. I agree Alex. Without sound our short film of our animated environment would have been very dull indeed. The sound adds a new dimension to our environment and helps suggest unseen animation and adds atmosphere. Some sounds suggest things happening around our environment, which consequently makes our environment more interesting.

Lookin good

Nice work on the sound guys its all coming together. Its interesting how much weight the sound gives the objects within each scene. Just need to tweak the odd sound effect here and there. It may be worth grading the entire film in after effects, just a thought. Apart from that, the project seems to be coming along well, time for the final push. Although we have had problems rendering in addition to texturing issues I think that the groups commitment and shared vision towards the project has made a huge impact on the final product. Although we did not use the render farm using mental ray I am sure that the final result will be more than adequate in fulfilling the brief.

Got some great feedback from Jared today. He seemed to be very happy with the way things were going. He was impressed by the way in which we had used the camera to our advantage and used timing to great effect which will allow the viewer to explore the environment. His only criticism regarding the project was the fact that the sound effect for the white noise may be too high in conjunction with the interior tank shot. It may be worth changing the sound effect in Final cut or adjusting the sound levels. Good feedback here guys well done. Keep up the awesome work.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


We have almost finished our project guys. Good job. We managed to complete our rendering and compositing today and we have already completed more than half of the sound that we need for our short film. Tomorrow we shall continue to tweak and add to the sound effects. I still believe that the mine facility door sequence needs to be played around with in terms of sound and we also need to add more background ambience sounds. See you guys tomorrow.



; )



all i can say guys is that i am impressed with the professionalism of our team, admittedly we had some issues a few weeks ago but we always put the project first and it is this aspect which i think is the key to our group.

anyway the shots and sounds are epic guys congrats to the effort put in by all, it shows big time. tomoro we need to get everything sorted as a necessary so it can be put on disks ready for easy submission on friday.

cheers guys :D

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

the still of the cabin shot looks cool cant wait to see it tomoro will be cool

I did a spelling check for you Ben. =P

Finished scenes

Here are some shots I managed to finish today in After Effects. Let me know what you think guys.I really like the way this static shot came out. Although it is static, the dust layer really brings this shot to life. We just need to add a wind sound effect to this shot and this scene will be perfect.

This was a tough scene to do as I had to parent and animate the background layer and dust layer to the 3D desert terrain. It looks like a relatively simple shot however there are a lot of layers here. I took a photograph of my Dad's car's dashboard which can be seen at the bottom left of the screen, I believe this provides something familiar to the scene which the viewer can relate to, it also makes the interior less empty and more interesting and realistic. I also took film of a swinging card pass which hangs from the roof of the cockpit of the vehicle. This adds movement and additional animation to make the scene more interesting and to inject a little life to an otherwise dull scene. I also filmed a movie of my Dad to create the driver's reflection. This too helps to bring life to the film. The cockpit windscreen is a basic layer made in photoshop which was animated in adobe after effects to depict the illusion of uneven terrain and to give a sense of the motion of the vehicle. I also added soot near the corners of the panes of glass as extra detail to make the vehicle used and weathered. I was concerned that the sky was a little too pink so Tom and I graded it so that the background was more orange thus creating the illusion that the vehicle had orange tinted glass. This was as they say, a happy accident and seems to fit rather nicely. This scene looks quite decent and adds a new dimension to the film, it also seems to humanise the environment too.


We made excellent progress today. We have almost finished compositing all our scenes in After Effects. Ben your time management and organisation skills have been flawless these past few weeks, we would not be in such a good position now if it was not for your good judgement and decision making. All of you have put your heart and soul into this project, and it shows. Without your talent and attendance we would certainly not be in such a position that we find ourselves in now. Good work guys and keep it up, only a few more days.

We need to start thinking about assembling our sound effects into folders so that we can begin adding sound effects into our film.

Good Work Team

Some really nice work guys, I am really pleased. We are making excellent progress and I'd say we are on schedule. This week we have to concentrate on helping one another. We only have a few more scenes to render and we should start bringing the targa sequences into Adobe After Effects in order to begin compositing and introducing the finishing touches such as dust layers, masks, mountain ranges and matte backgrounds etc.

A small update!

In relation to Andy's last post, we have now managed to move the wheels of the vehicle.

I've also managed to render the piece, which will be collated together with the rest of the film tomorrow!

It's taking shape boys!

response to Andy

I agree Andy I think animating the wheels would be a good idea, I know initially I said that it would not matter too much as dust trails would hide the wheel animation, however I think you are right in saying that the wheel animation will make our film less of an anamatic.

the vehicle shot

i strongly believe that we should get the wheels moving on chris' vehicle, otherwise this shot will look like an animatic and not a polished movie i know this is undesirable as it could set us back a day but i tjhink a small change like this will make a huge difference. but apart from this we are doing a stonking job of it all.

Monday, 1 March 2010

i care tom :)

so do i tom =)

2 shots to go!

Two shots before all rendering has been accomplished!

I've nearly finished re-rendering the hangar shot, after which I shall be rendering the IMPC vehicle shot.

Just thought I'd let the world know... not that anyone cares. :P