Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lookin good

Nice work on the sound guys its all coming together. Its interesting how much weight the sound gives the objects within each scene. Just need to tweak the odd sound effect here and there. It may be worth grading the entire film in after effects, just a thought. Apart from that, the project seems to be coming along well, time for the final push. Although we have had problems rendering in addition to texturing issues I think that the groups commitment and shared vision towards the project has made a huge impact on the final product. Although we did not use the render farm using mental ray I am sure that the final result will be more than adequate in fulfilling the brief.

Got some great feedback from Jared today. He seemed to be very happy with the way things were going. He was impressed by the way in which we had used the camera to our advantage and used timing to great effect which will allow the viewer to explore the environment. His only criticism regarding the project was the fact that the sound effect for the white noise may be too high in conjunction with the interior tank shot. It may be worth changing the sound effect in Final cut or adjusting the sound levels. Good feedback here guys well done. Keep up the awesome work.

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