Thursday, 11 February 2010

3D Ground Mining Vehicle

I have started building Alex's concept of the Mining Vehicle. To begin with I was confused and daunted by how to begin the model and took several attempts to build a workable base model. Eventually I built a shape which I was happy with and I was confident that I could build upon it. The images indicate where Im currently at in the building stage. The model itself is almost complete. All I have left to do is to build the wheels. I am very satisfied the way this turned out, it is I believe very close to Alex's illustration. This is my first model in Maya that I am actually happy with and only took a day to complete most of the vehicle. I was very impressed with how quickly I managed to assemble this model despite the fact that I am still unfamiliar with Maya. I was also impressed by how accurate the model was and how much detail I managed to include. Hope you guys like it, let me know what you think and any suggestions are welcome.

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