Saturday, 6 February 2010

Air Vehicles

Here is a selection of different air vehicles I've been looking at for the airships. They mainly consist of jets and helicopters. It is important to keep in mind that while looking at these images
that the aircrafts role determines its size and shape. I was particularly interested in key elements within the jets as well as their function. I am assuming that the technology within our environment is advanced seeing that interplanetary travel is possible and terraforming has been used. Therefore I propose the aircraft we are designing for this project have some sort of jet engine propulsion system rather like the ones used at present. Nearly all the vehicles have air intakes which supply air and more importantly oxygen to the engines which not only help the combustion process but also funnel the air into a smaller space which propels the aircraft through the air. When designing the aircraft it is crucial to understand the importance of aerodynamics and the way in which air moves around the surface of a wing generating lift. These images should help us when designing the aircraft as we can literally cut and paste elements that we feel would work with our mine and its technologies. They should also help us decide on a colour scheme. Do we want the vehicles to have bright contrasting colours to emulate  a commercial look or should the vehicles have dull colours to reflect the military presence on the planet?

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