Thursday, 11 February 2010

Storyboard Edit & Narrative

Hey guys. I've edited the storyboards a bit. Both Andy and Jared suggested that there should be more of a narrative or a journey in the boards. I totally agreed with this idea as I felt the ending was a little weak. Here is the revised storyboard sheet and additional shots I came up with that could be included within our short film. I wanted to include some shots to show off Alex's transport ship design, plus closer shots may look cool. I also had various shot ideas for establishing shots or purely for aesthetic reasons.

Board Page 2 Edit
The board sheet above shows the additional three shots inserted to demonstrate a journey. The first shot is a perspective from within the land based mining vehicle followed by its journey towards the mining shaft. For shot 10 we could include a slow pan to the left. The black silhouette of the mining vehicle's cockpit windscreen could be easily achieved in after effects. Both shot 11 and 12 will be a static shot showing how the aperture door opens whilst the mining vehicle awaits entry.

Additional Shots

Below is another wide shot which could be used as an establishing shot to inform the viewer of the layout of the environment and the location of various landmarks in relation to the facility. My only concern however is that attempting to render all these components will cause our laptops to either lag, freeze/ crash due to extensive polygons and other information, rendering this shot difficult or impossible to render on our computers. We could try to render this scene in layers using the same scene setup either on a desktop computer in the animation room or using all the laptops in our group. For example Andy could render the facility, Alex could render the ship, I could render the pipeline and Tom could render the oil pumps. Alternatively we could use cube to carry out this render. The camera could remain locked off (static) thus reducing render time. The other way to do it is if we perhaps paint this scene in photoshop and animate it using Adobe After Effects, however I do not know if this would qualify and fit with the criteria.

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