Thursday, 11 February 2010

Depth of Field

As I mentioned in the aspect ratios post, depth of field is very important for the film.

There are a few misconceptions with depth of field.

Firstly something that is fully in focus has what's called a large depth of field, since it's all in focus. Whereas something with a shallow depth of field only focuses some of the scene. So saying something such as "this image has a lot of depth of field" to an image that really has a shallow depth of field is infact completely wrong.

Depth of field relies on the aperture of the camera, if I were to shoot a picture with f22, it is pretty much a given the scene will all be in focus. If however I were to shoot a scene in f1.8 you will get a lot of the image out of focus.



I hope to use the right aperture with each scene to create something that echoes that of actual film.

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