Wednesday, 10 February 2010

storyboard sequence

I have just finished a storyboard sequence guys. Hope you like it. Please suggest any other shots that you think should be included. Perhaps there should be some shots from inside the vehicles too. This might bring another dimension to the fluidity of the sequence, might be quite interesting. Relatively simple to achieve, we just need to create a black marquee layer of the silhouetted cockpit of the vehicle in question in photoshop and import it into after effects. I am concerned that maybe my storyboard lack variety in terms of camera techniques, I think I have over used the wide shot method. Perhaps there should be some close ups too. Or maybe a dutch shot. Just something to think about.

Here are the boards with an orange overlay filter.

Do you guys think that the camera could begin to slowly and gradually track forward at cell 3 of storyboard page 1 where the mine hangar door is fully open? I think it might be nice as then cell 3 could continue to cell 4 with no cut in between. Effectively cell 1 - 4 would all be one shot from the mine hangar interior to the desert exterior.

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